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Otanjoubi Omedetou, Yusuke !!


I'm back again :] Today is Yusuke birthday !! Uwaaaa~ Yusuke omedetou !! For Yusuke, I just want to say that I always wish the best for everything in your life. Enjoy your time in M.A.D and hope you always be with Fuku-chan XD

(Happy Birthday Yusuke)

Ne, Yusuke... did you know? I miss you so much :[ Even I already see you in Kinki Kids concert, but I’m still missing you and want to see you more and more again. When I see Yusuke in Kinki Kids concert, I realize if Yusuke become more handsome and COOL !! Ne, Yusuke~ Wish that I can see you again, soon. Off course, I wish you will back with Take-chan, Yuki-kun, Fuku-chan, Kosshi and Yudai, too !! Luv ya, Yusuke *chuuuuuu*

esta... enjoy everything~


Kosaka Masato In Shounen Club

Buuuuuuh.... the last Shounen Club is totally boring and successfully made me almost sleeping (-__-") Huuuum.... that Yabu and Yaotome goat are so boring... What did he doing, actually? I NEED MY UWASAMAN !!! He is more funny and interesting than the goats !! Yokatta.. the game is quite fun and could make my bored go away X"D

What made me surprise when I saw the Shounen Club is when I saw KOSAKA MASATO, there. Heiiii..... why he performed alone without the other M.A.D? GIVE MY M.A.D BACK, ONEGAIIII !!! I NEED THEM RIGHT NOW (T_________T) Kosaka's voice is totally bad when he sang that Kinki Kids's song again, but hontou ni... his voice is bad (-___-") I prefer for Hiromi Goto. Daaaang.... I don't know if he has a beautifull voice. Oh Hiromiiiiii~ You made me happy last night!! Great job, boy !!! Can't wait again for next Shounen Club. Hope there will be more fun than before X"P

esta... enjoy everything~

Have You Ever Dream of Johnny's?

Oooh... just ignore this entry (>.<) I don't know what I will write today but feels like this is sound interesting for me. Few days ago, me, Pu3 and Kobo talked about this. It's so fun talking about it. Ummm... me... I have a dream about Johnn's for about 4 times and all my dream are with M.A.D (^___^) I don't remember my which is my first dream but I will write about that in this entry.

# Dream of Yukihiro Kato "Yuki came to Indonesia.... IN MY HOUSE with other Johnny's !!!"
This is so strange dream, how can be Johnny's came to my house (+ ___ +) But if it's true it would be so nice hahahaha. Well... the story is... in my dream Johnny's held a concert in Indonesia and when they  are on the way to airport. But don't know why, they came to my house first and my house full with Johnny's boy (>__<) That time I search Yuki and Take immediately but I can't find them *sigh* Then when they decided to left my house I just found Yuki there and I came to him immediately before he went away. I ask Pu3 to came with me but she just stood behind me and crying XD She said that she is really happy can meet with Yuki (^___^) Aaah... then me, Pu3 and Yuki took a picture together and after that he and the other Johnny's boys left my house... soshite.... I wake up and realize that.... uugh, it's just a dream *crying*

# Dream of with Fukuda Yuta "Nice and sweet date with Fuku-chan"
I don't remember the story but what I still remember is just I'm happy to be with him. I had a date with him and we ended the date with happiness XD That's just what I remember about this dream(^__^)

# Dream of Takeuchi Kohtaro "I was Take's Classmate and.... GIRLFRIEND!!!"
Wooow... whan can I say for this dream? I'm so happy coz I dream of Takeuchi XD I also remember the story. In this dream, me and Take are classmate (I wear seifuku in this dream!!) Take is a smart student and he is the leader in our class. He is so bad in my dream because he so strick and cruel with the other friends just because he becames a leader (>___<) I really hate him in my dream and he made me cry because he yell at me *sigh* But after he saw me cry, then he touched my hand and ask me to came with him out from our school. It was so romantic, he said that he wanna tell me something with a soft voice and nice face *gyaaaaaaa* This is my sweeeeeeet dream that I ever had lol

# Dream of  Matsuzaki Yusuke "Yusuke hugs me with his big arms"
Same with my dream with Fuku-chan, I also didn't remember the story of my dream with Yusuke. But in this dream I cry a lot and Yusuke tried to made me feel comfortable and he hugs me so gently (^___^) He is so kind in my dream and looks like in fact he is really a nice guy hahahaha

I wonder... if I will have my dream again with M.A.D? It's so nice to meet them even it's just in my dream. But I also hope that my dreams will come true neee~

esta... enjoy everything~


M.A.D in SC Premium 2006-11-19

Did I late talking about this? I just watched it and I feel so happy because finally I can get this SC and watched M.A.D there. It's so nice to see the backstage. M.A.D hontou ni kakkoiiii~

The first song is Venus. Wooow Takeuchi look so nervous there. It's so sweet when I saw his serious face in this song. Take makes me wanna hug him LOL. Yuki also look so cute here. Ummm.... Fida said if Yuki look alike Tadayoshi Ohkura in this song. Hontou desu ka? I don't see some similarities between them here *gomen Fida* But I admit if Yuki looks a little bit different with this hairstyle and he is also look so serious here. I also really like Fuku-chan and Yusuke here. Gosh... look at their body.... damn... their body is so perfect (for me)

Then, it's time for Slave of Love. Damn.... can't see their face clearly except Yusuke. M.A.D with T-Girls (again) Aaaargh... T-Girls, how lucky this girls can dance with all my lovely boys X( But... I can't see Kosshi's partner here. Where is she? I also don't see Yusuke's partner. They are my favorite in T-Girls (^ _ ^)v But I can't forgive them if they fallin love with my M.A.D XDXDXD Just jooking neee~

My favorite part in this SC is the backstage. Oooow... I can see M.A.D there even it's too short but daijobuuu~ I'm so happy I can see them even just 10 seconds =3 I like when Yuki shake his legs. It's so sweet. He looks like a cute little children there. Takeuchi also handsome and I like his hair. Looks like it's so soft and makes me wanna touch his hair XD

Ummmm... I don't have mood to write so I think it's enough for today. My stomach hurt again. It so painfull (>.<) Btw, I will try to caps the SC Premium later (still have some problem about how to caps it in my compie) But I will try it and if I can I will edit this journal later and post their picture.

esta... enjoy everything~


M.A.D Return

What will I say? I'm really really happy to see my beloved boys back again in SC !!! When I heard that News will be the guest actually I have feeling that M.A.D maybe become the backdancer. But I'm not sure about it. Demooo nee... when they sang Sayaendo, Pu3 scream and said that she saw Takeuchi. I raise my head and saw someone with blonde long hair and don't need long time to thinking again... I realize that it was TAKEUCHI KOHTARO *dies*

GOD !!! M.A.D was there !!! Yes, I feel sooooo happy at that time and it feels like my tears will falling down from my eyes (T u T) I really miss them so much *hugs M.A.D* Then something that makes me really surprised is when I saw Yuki Kato and T.J. Gosh... gosh... gosh.... YUKI KATO, YOU LOOK SO DAMN HANDSOME AND HOT !!! Look at his face make my heart doki-doki suruu ~ *dies again* Looks like he colour his hair and cut his hair. Uuuuugh... he looks so kakkoi !!! Pu3 and I really surprised when we saw him. Also when we saw T.J... Eeeee T.J welcome back home sweety. Wooow.... look at T.J... He is changed a lot. He becomes more handsome and mature now. But I really love his dance style. Sugoiii !!! 

This is the song list where M.A.D appear in SC:

# Sayaendou by News
I just saw Takeuchi and Takumi in this song. But I'm sure Yuki Kato was here, too hehehe. Surprised to see them    again in this song. They are so kakkoii wear white shirt. Takeuchi didn't change a lot. But, unlucky I just saw Takeuchi a little hiks....

# Slave of Love by Yamashita Shoon
Ummm.... Shoon not bad when he sang it but off course Tsubasa more better than him *laugh* T.J come first in this song with Kawaryo, Hayashi (?) and the other I don't know who is he *gomen* T.J grow up now. He becomes more mature but his dance style still great (^ u ^) 

# Feel It Ayukawa Taiyou
Takeuchi and Yuki were here. Both of them are so kakkoiii !!! I'm happy coz I can see Yuki a lot here. Hehehehe thank's for the camera man !! I like Yuki's face here. He look so serious and so handsome with that face *dies* 

# Yamashita Tomohisa medley (Daite Senorita, Seishun Amigo and Fever to Future)
Whoaaaa... Yuki and Takeuchi look so hot here. They did some ero ero hahahaha but looks like Yuki didn't really like to do it nee~ Take really enjoy dance in this song. I see he sang in this song (^ u ^) I also can see Yuki and Take a lot in this song but... shimatta... when YamaPi sang Seishun Fever, M.A.D went to backstage and replaced by Junior kids *noooooooo* I still want to see them agaiiiiiin !!!

Well... at least... last night is a happy and unforgettable night for me coz it's just like dream comes true. I can saw M.A.D again.

Thank's News for bring them as the backdancer. Hope I can see them again next week !!!

esta... enjoy everything~


M.A.D lil bro... S.U.G.O.I

Huwaaaah... last night I watched SC when M.A.D lil bro was there. Hontou ni sugooiiii. I think they are GREAT. I forgot what the song but... JJ Express are the singer. I like Yamashita Takumi and Ryu. They are so HOT. Takumi really becomes so mature and I like his face. Whoaaaa... so kakkoiii XDXD

Btw, finally I saw Naoto. Kirinia gave the picture in Angel Cafe Forum. Hummmm... he is damn handsome but why he didn't enter M.A.D?? Douhiteee?? Besides... I like him so much and hope can see him again.

But Nobuki also so sweeet. I like when he sit in the back of juniors when Takckey and ABC talked. He just keep silent and never smile !!! Huuuh what a calm boy~ You're so sweet when you smile, dear Nobuki. So, gimme me your sweet smile hahahahahaha. I wanna know more about M.A.D lil bro. Also about Nobuki and Masato. So now I'm still searching about them.... and... it's so hard to find it *sigh* Demooo... I will never give up !!! For the sake of M.A.D I will do anything LOL

esta... enjoy everything~