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Minna-chan o genki desu ka? Today is bad... I'm not feeling well. I'm sick. My stomach is soooo hurt =( It makes me feel I won't do anything... What I want to do is sleep... sleep and sleep... But if I sleep then I can't finish my job. So I force myself to finish my job a.s.a.p!!! and... YATTAAA~ I DID IT!!! It's finish!!! Tomorrow will make new card~ Ureshiii~ Ureshiiiiiiii X3

Today I want to write something about Endless Shock. According to kinkikids.wordpress.com, Endless Shock started in February 5. Like usual, M.A.D was there ="D It's said that 4 members of M.A.D performed in Shock but I don't know who they are because the kanji letters wont open in my mobile phone *sigh* Maybe they are Fuku-chan, Yusuke, Kosshi and Yudai ne (just like usual)

Mmmm... when I'm searching info about Shock, I can't find any info about Rika. But my friend said the cast for Rika is Megumi Sato. She played in some of dorama and I knew her. She's good. She's better than Rika in the previous Shock, I don't really like the actress. I forgot what's her name... I visited her blog once and she wrote Yusuke name there! I don't know what's the meaning but my sis said she only wrote if Yusuke sing in Endless Shock.

I only watch Endless Shock twice (forgot the year) But... I don't really like it. I prefer watch Playzone than Shock anyway *gomen ne Koichi* The author of kinkikids.wordpress.com said that Koichi having flu and he said the flu flowing over the "company" Oh my... I hope it won't happen to M.A.D. Please take care of your health M.A.D no minna. I don't want all of you to get sick because M.A.D so busy again this year. For Koichi, I hope he will get well soon so he can doing great in Endless Shock ="D

Neee~ right now I'm currently rewatching Nodame Cantabile dorama. Chiaki senpai kakkoiii desuuuuuuuu *chuuu Chiaki* I haven't finish watching it. Will finish watch it tomorrow. Dakara... I want to sleep now ="D Oyachumi minna-chan~ Have a nice dream *chuuuu*


Feb. 17th, 2009 10:11 am (UTC)
Daijobu yo Mira-chan. Lately I never been in FS again. I mostly spend my time in LJ and Multiply ="D

Maji??! You bought Sekachu? Hope you like it ne Mira-chan.

Yeah Mira, I love Tamaki Hiroshi. He is so kakkoiiii~ I hope I can watch Nodame Cantabile SP XD
Feb. 18th, 2009 03:45 pm (UTC)
omg THAT ICON !!!

who is it?

I didn't really go to multiply because my laptop will hang..maybe due to slow connection.
so do FS !!

yess..I just watch forst episodes and fallen with this pair..
AYASE with TAKAYUKI is really cute..
OMG~can't wait to watch more episodes..

hehe..I want to wacth NODAME SP too..for EIJI WENTZ..hehehe