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Minna-chan o genki desu ka? Today is bad... I'm not feeling well. I'm sick. My stomach is soooo hurt =( It makes me feel I won't do anything... What I want to do is sleep... sleep and sleep... But if I sleep then I can't finish my job. So I force myself to finish my job a.s.a.p!!! and... YATTAAA~ I DID IT!!! It's finish!!! Tomorrow will make new card~ Ureshiii~ Ureshiiiiiiii X3

Today I want to write something about Endless Shock. According to kinkikids.wordpress.com, Endless Shock started in February 5. Like usual, M.A.D was there ="D It's said that 4 members of M.A.D performed in Shock but I don't know who they are because the kanji letters wont open in my mobile phone *sigh* Maybe they are Fuku-chan, Yusuke, Kosshi and Yudai ne (just like usual)

Mmmm... when I'm searching info about Shock, I can't find any info about Rika. But my friend said the cast for Rika is Megumi Sato. She played in some of dorama and I knew her. She's good. She's better than Rika in the previous Shock, I don't really like the actress. I forgot what's her name... I visited her blog once and she wrote Yusuke name there! I don't know what's the meaning but my sis said she only wrote if Yusuke sing in Endless Shock.

I only watch Endless Shock twice (forgot the year) But... I don't really like it. I prefer watch Playzone than Shock anyway *gomen ne Koichi* The author of kinkikids.wordpress.com said that Koichi having flu and he said the flu flowing over the "company" Oh my... I hope it won't happen to M.A.D. Please take care of your health M.A.D no minna. I don't want all of you to get sick because M.A.D so busy again this year. For Koichi, I hope he will get well soon so he can doing great in Endless Shock ="D

Neee~ right now I'm currently rewatching Nodame Cantabile dorama. Chiaki senpai kakkoiii desuuuuuuuu *chuuu Chiaki* I haven't finish watching it. Will finish watch it tomorrow. Dakara... I want to sleep now ="D Oyachumi minna-chan~ Have a nice dream *chuuuu*


Apr. 12th, 2014 05:38 pm (UTC)
Hallo, aku fans baru nya 4 U *baru mutusin*

Lets be a friend ^^